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Find the BLK12 simply too big? Then this is the brush for you. All the hallmarks and quality of the BLK12 but with a slightly narrower barrel and a slightly smaller head. Also filled with pure silver tip badger hair the BLK8 is our most popular brush. The brush is housed in a felt lined red presentation case with gold pin stripe detailing.

Total Height: 112 mm
Loft Height: 57 mm
Knot Diameter: 26 mm
Hair: Kent Silver Tip Badger

Dimensions are approximate.

Handmade in England

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Fits the following stands:

OP-WCS-309 ---$19.99---West Coast Shaving Stand 309, Lined Chrome
OP-WCS-312 ---$14.99---West Coast Shaving Stand 312, Chrome
OP-WCS-313 ---$14.99---West Coast Shaving Stand 313, 30mm, Black
OP-WCS-314 ---$19.99---West Coast Shaving Stand 314, 30mm, Rosewood
OP-WCS-315 ---$14.99---West Coast Shaving Stand 315, 30mm, Chrome
OP-WCS-250 ---$19.99---West Coast Shaving Stand 250