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Muhle Razors & Brushes

Whether you're clean-shaven or an aficionado of facial hair, the choices you make about the face you present to the world say something distinctive about you. The tools you use to cultivate your look should make an equally compelling statement - preferably, not the "disposable drugstore special" kind. You're a real man now; why not shave with real instruments, hand-crafted in Germany for over 65 years? Muhle offers product lines for your individual comfort and style, ranging from simple traditional-style brushes and straight razors to sophisticated badger-hair brushes with designer inlay, perfect for the man who prefers a touch of elegance in his daily routine. Durability and style are the hallmarks of the Muhle brand, making everyday grooming tasks a noteworthy occasion.

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Muhle Razors & Brushes Reviews
Very smooth and easy to make lather with.
Muhle Aloe Vera Shaving Soap in Porcelain Bowl This has been the most pleasant soap I have used so far, even more than creams I have used. It does help the shave and skin if you do leave it on for a minute or two after you apply it, so just brush you teeth or something while you wait for it to soak in the skin. The porcelain container is a great bonus and is compact so it doesn't take up any more space than it needs to.
Great service, price and product
Muhle Round Protective Tube for Shaving Brush Great product for wet shavers who travel!
Muhle R41 from 2011
Muhle R41 Double Edge Safety Razor, Open Comb I revisited the R41, with Persona Reds and tallow based soap. It does VERY well, and I compared to Merkur 38C. R41 gets closer with fewer passes. However, it takes skill. It is not for beginners, but once technique is refined; it is a GREAT close smooth shave!!
Works great
Muhle Blade Guard for Muhle DE Safety Razors Simple, clean design so that you can store your blade without worrying about cutting yourself or ruining the blade.
Refined aggressiveness
Muhle R41 GRANDE Double Edge Safety Razor This razor gets a lot of press for being very aggressive. It is true, that I would not recommend this razor to an inexperienced shaver. This razor demands that you respect the angle in which you were cutting, but it also gives the closest shave that I've ever had. The razor is quite beautiful, and all the details are well taken care of. The name of the game with this razor is to take it slow and in sure that you have very sharp blades (I mean, ensure they've not started to wear down at all).

The razor is a once a week one for me, it quite literally makes my face hairless and the next day there is not enough to shave. All of this in a very refined shaving experience.
Muhle Blade Guard for Muhle DE Safety Razors For safety reasons I wanted something to cover the blades of my razor while on the stand. The cover is easy to put on and remove and keeps the sharp side of the razor safely covered.
Muhle razor stand
Muhle Razor Stand, Chrome Plated Looks great and I like how this stand holds the razor better than ANY other stand. My ONLY issue was that it's too light. I have the same style stand by muhle but that includes the brush holder. Because the base is bigger on that one it's nice and heavy so it doesn't slide around the counter. I returned this one but either some grippier bottom (this is like a felt type clothe) or a lead weight in there and I would've kept it.
Very good product for the
Muhle Round Protective Tube for Shaving Brush Very good product for the money
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