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If you're not quite sure you're ready to take the plunge to a safety or straight razor, we offer some handsome handles for that cartridge you can't live without.

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Check out the award-winning design options from Bolin or Edwin Jagger razors for a high-end comfortable shave. These aren't your cheap plastic-handled razors from the local drugstore. We also carry the Bump Fighter disposables that are guarded/wrapped blades for a more protected shave, which were designed for African-American men who struggle with those nasty in-grown hairs. There are options for the Mach3 system and Atra cartridge blades. The Gillette Guard razors are fantastic travel options.

Other Razors Reviews
atra value
Personna Twin Pivot Plus Cartridge, 10-pack I have been an Atra blade user for many years. These Personna blades seem just as effective for a close shave. I just started using them, but they work great!
Atra Razor
Atra Razor Great product and hard to find as they have not been made in a number of years. Also very nice staff to work with over the phone and prompt service. Thank you,

Bob Brooks
Extremely happy
Gillette Guard Replacement Cartridge Blades I absolutely love this shaver!!! It's light, rotates, is extremely comfortable, and does a great job. While some of the reviews said that they had to press hard to get a shave, these must be guys with very thick beards. However, women - you will love it!! The first shave I've ever gotten that did not cause irritation and bumps!!!
Personna twin blade cartridge
Personna Twin Pivot Plus Cartridge, 10-pack Twin blade is both very effective and economical. Always was and still is. It just makes sense. More blades are unnecessary in my humble opinion.
atra permanent razor handle
Atra Razor The handle is a little heavy in weight but seems to be very sturdy to last a long time.
Atra Razor
Atra Razor Great Product. I needed a heavyweight handle for the Atra blade. Your product fit perfectly.
Personna Blades
Personna Twin Pivot Plus Cartridge, 10-pack Great that West Coast Shaving carried these blades. Hard to find and expensive at other websites.
Great for bald heads
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