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Butterfly Razors

Butterfly safety razors utilize an easy open mechanism to insert the razor blades.

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Butterfly Razors Reviews
Parker 96R Double Edge Safety Razor In 1972 I switched from using my Dad’s old single blade razor to a newly-invented Gillette Trac II. Which I continued using -- while trying a few odd other multi-blade razors -- until I got the Parker 96R about 3 weeks ago. So that’s 45 years using the same kind of razor.

I was tired of paying $2 for a replacement blade; and Trac II is now “obsolete” and hard to get blades. The Parker razor and a 120 blade “sample pack” (about 15 different brands of blades) was inexpensive enough to give “modern” single blade razors a try.

I was a little worried I would not get a close shave; or I would get too close a shave and cut myself. And I wondered how long each blade would cut clean before I had to replace it. I thought a steel razor might feel heavy and unbalanced, after using plastic for so long.

The new “old style” razor is far better than I could have hoped for. It shaves closer that any of the multiblades I’ve tried; and of the 2 different brands of single blades I’ve tried so far, they stay sharp at least as long as a multiblade stays sharp -- for 1/10th the price of a multiblade.

With the Parker, I get less razor nicks than with my Trac II or any of the mutliblades I’ve used. The Parker is very precision-built to expose just enough of the blade to do the job. It feels great -- doesn’t feel heavy or unbalanced at all. And the twist-open makes it very easy to install and change-blades.

I am sure there are lots of other good new “old style” razors available today. But on my first try I found one that I will keep using until... Well, the razor will probably outlast me. And I’ll stick with this Parker as long as people keep making these really good single blades for “old style” razors.
Parker 96R Double Edge Safety Razor Great razor. Perfect length to hold. Gives a good shave. Easy to load blades and easy to clean.
Parker 96R safety razor
Parker 96R Double Edge Safety Razor Razor is excellent. good balance. Nice & heavy. Minimal effort to glide razor on face.
Revisiting the past
Parker 96R Double Edge Safety Razor Well made and shaves well with little acclimating time.
safety razor
Parker 96R Double Edge Safety Razor Heavier than I expected. That's a good thing!
Great shave
Parker 99R Double Edge Safety Razor (99R) Takes a bit of getting used to but this razor gives as close and comfortable shave as I have ever had. Great razor at a good price.
Parker 96R Double Edge Safety Razor "Great Blade,everything I remember about the razor .
Parker 96R Double Edge Safety Razor "this razor shaves so smooth i actually thought i forgot to put a blade in it, best of all the butterfly razors i own,
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