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Replaceable Blade Straight Razors

Replaceable blade straight razors (also known as shavettes) give you the closeness of a straight and the convenience of a disposalable.

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Many people loved the testosterone-inducing buzz of a "cut-throat" straight razor, but they don't love the honing and stropping needed to keep it in that way. The shavette razor allows you the best of both worlds. You can get the closeness and feedback that you get with a long, sharp blade, but you don't have the maintenance when you can simply switch out the blades with a new, fresh edge. Also, great for barbers who need a new, sanitary blade with each client.

Replaceable Blade Straight Razors Reviews
Parker PTB straight razor
Parker PTB Straight Razor, Black Have always wanted to try straight razor shaving and this was great way to try it. Product is well construct and work great. Blade loading is easy and the overall feel is great. Definitely a great choice
Very nice, great scent and
Parker PTB Straight Razor, Black Very nice, great scent and lathers like crazy
Nice razor
Parker PTB Straight Razor, Black I've been using a safety razor for around 8 months. I found this a cheaper way to try a straight razor (I do realize though, that some people in the straight razor community do not accept this as a real straight razor). The razor has a nice feel to it. There is a learning curve, but it is an enjoyable razor to use.
Excellent shavette
Parker SR1 Barber Straight Razor Much better than expected. Good weight and solid feel. For the price it is an excellent choice.
Great experience
Dovo Shavette Straight Razor, Black Handle Ordered the Dovo shavette as well as the Parker Barber. Impressed with both. The items arrived on time. I will definitely purchase again and recommend any of these items. Thank you.
Trey D texas customer
Dovo Shavette Straight Razor, Stainless Steel Handle "First off very happy with shipping time got here in 4 days exactly. Now moving on to the dovo shavette stainless.. I love this shavette!! It is great for any straight razor as a daily or to use while your straight razors are out for honing very simple set up and maintenance you will get a close shave every time! Dovo is a name you can trust
exactly what I needed!!!
Parker SR1 Barber Straight Razor "I love this thing!!!! Shaved like a dream, keeps my beard lined perfectly, i even shaped my girlfriend's eyebrows with it
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