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Shaving Cream Sample Packs

Whether you are trying to decide which cream is right for you, or you just enjoy the novelty of trying new creams, this is the page for you. We put together sample packs of some of our favorite cream suppliers, and we curated some packs that span different vendors.

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Shaving Cream Sample Packs Education

It is often hard to describe scents through words. We use words like dry, sweet, and clean to describe the scents that we carry, but sometimes you have to smell the cream for yourself. So we created sample packs that allow you to smell and try the creams yourself at a manageable price point. Each sample pack are multiple samples that contain 1/2 a tablespoon of cream each. Each sample lasts a few shaves, so that you can get a feeling for how the cream smells and performs.

Curate Sample Sets

We put together sample packs that include multiple manufacturers that all fall into one category. Like our Sandalwood Sample Pack, which includes 8 different sandalwoods, each with a different take on the sandalwood scent. This allows you to choose the sandalwood that best suits you.

Shaving Cream Sample Packs Reviews
Samples are a good idea
Best Sellers Shaving Cream Sample Pack Samples are a good idea, and with these I found out I don't like menthol without having a lot to throw away.
Fun Experience
Best Sellers Shaving Cream Sample Pack This is a great idea. The variety of smells and consistency gives an experience that is difficult to immulate unless you were to purchase these in full volume. Trying out a new sample is something to look forward to. They each have their own characteristics that make each shaving a unique experience. You learn if you prefer a soothing aroma and texture or prefer an invigorating tingling sensation.
Nice selection
Barbershop Shaving Soap Sample Pack Excellent way to sample soaps. Variety offered is a good representation of soaps, although not all are evocative of the old barbershop. Sample sizes each provide several shaves. Shipping was also quick.
Great for deciding what cream you want
Taylor of Old Bond Street Shaving Cream Sample Pack This package is great if you are unsure of what TOBS scent you want. You can get 3-4 shaves out of each sample you chose.
Great stuff
Best Sellers Shaving Cream Sample Pack If you are new to the whole wet shaving thing, this is a great way to get started. A solid starter kit. Just make sure you also have a brush and shaving bowl to really get the full lather experience.
Tour de Taylor
Taylor of Old Bond Street Shaving Cream Sample Pack I went through this sampler a couple of times, made notes and over-organized my conclusions...enjoy!

First of all, I don't think there is any difference in lather or viscosity from scent to scent. Each sample was in a small jar, but a little goes a long ways and you can get 3 passes 4 - 5 times from each sample.

Just judging as a shaving cream, I really like this stuff and I've ordered a couple of tubes. More lather than I get with something like Prostro and they all feel soft and creamy. I will say, one of the reasons I wanted to try this is so that I could pair an aftershave with a shave cream, but it turns out that most of these are not available or are out of stock as an aftershave...which is too bad. Overall, I do dig this line and will probably always keep some around.

Regarding scent, it's personal and my preferences may have nothing to do with yours. But, here are my impressions:

The woods:

Not really my pallate, but I did like the cedarwood much better than the sandlewood. Reminded me a bit of my dad, which is always a good thing. Probably better for fall/winter than spring/summer, but honestly, just not what I'm going for.

The botanicals: interesting. Reminds me of how girls smelled in jr. high school, but somehow it wasn't bad. Strong in the jar, more pleasant lathered in your bowl and pretty subtle lingering on your skin. Not for me.

Almond is nice, but I have used almonds that I liked better, like Cella.

Lavendar is the big winner in this grouping for me. Smells like my lavender hedge, not like lavender purfume. I've ordered a tube of it and it will pair nicely, I think with Pre de Province aftershave or anything neutral and spring like.

Citrus /Fruits-

Grapefruit was the winner in this group for me. Smells like grapefruit, which is nice in the morning. Very natural, envigorating.

Lemon/Lime - To me, it didn't smell like lemons or limes. Maybe like Safeway brand lemon/lime soda. Nothing appealing for me.

Avocado - Nice, not totally natural smelling. Kind of like Avocado perfume or something. I think I might like an avocado shave cream, but not this one.

Coconut - I love coconut, but didn't really like this. Dont' think it really smelled that much like coconut either. Odd.


Mr. Taylor is the winner here for me. Fresh linen, clean, start of baseball season when I was a kid. I've ordered a tube and regret that the aftershave is out of stock.

Eton College is nice. A bit flowery. Would be good for a summer wedding or christening Judge Schmals yacht. Not quite my jam.

St. James - Nice. I might have bought this cream if there had been an aftershave to match, but I don't think it would play well with others. Not too froofy, but does smell refined, mascaline and good.

Jermyn Street - Old money, perfumy, better on the brush than in the bowl, but too high class for me.

Natural - Smells, nice and neutral and clean. Like soap, would pair with anything. This is a fine choice if you want to try it to see if it works for you.

Again, my taste is likely different than yours, but these are my impressions. It's GREAT shaving cream and I'm looking forward to using it daily.
An economical way to explore
Barbershop Shaving Soap Sample Pack This is a good way to explore without investing in items that you discover that you don't enjoy. After sampling them, I would agree with WCS that they all fit into the "Barbershop" genre, more or less. I suppose that a few of them might be stretching the idea of a traditional barbershop fragrance, but then again barbershops serve a vast range of clients and some of them wouldn't be to your preferences. The samples are croaps so they are conducive to spreading a bit into your shaving bowl and whipping up a lather. This (incidentally) is a good way to test how well the particular brand performs off of the brush. I think WCS's estimate of 4 shaves per sample is correct, but I've been able to eek out 5 shaves by being conservative. Since this is such a economical way to sample a wide variety of labels, I will be trying some of their other sample collections on my next order. Already from this initial barbershop sample pack, I've discovered two new favorites that I will be ordering. Without the sample pack, I would not have risked the blind purchases.
Love your sample packs!
Deux Artisan Sample Pack Purchased six different sample packs and am loving the ability to try so many different creams without having to break the bank. This is another great sample pack and hope you would offer a "custom" sample pack that lets the buying pick their own choices!
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