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Gifts for the Scruffy Guy

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Gifts for the Scruffy Guy Reviews
Very Nice Set
This is a very nice set and a good gift to someone special or for yourself . Piccadilly Sandalwood shave soap is my favorite and has a very nice strong sandalwood smell that beat's all the other brand's out there. I have been using this soap for over 2 year's now and it will always be number one with me. I have been shaving for over 50 years now and never have I experienced any soap as good as this. If you like sandalwood and want a top of the line soap then this is the one to get . The badger hair brush is nice and soft and a very good one also. This set is a great bargain . Do yourself a favor and get one while they last.
very nice package
Piccadilly Shaving Co. Gift Set, Sandalwood "great price! excellent high end shave cream, was a bit disappointed that the brush was not bigger, but a very good value anyway!
Decent comb
It's made by Kent, that should suffice.
Kent 85mm Folding Pocket Comb w/ Clip, Fine The teeth on this comb are absolutely perfect for my fine/medium-fine hair, slightly wider than the Slim Jim but still very narrow. It is much more rigid than the Slim Jim and can therefore perform any task I need it to all the way up to combing heavy pomades through my hair.
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